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Frequently asked questions
  • What happened to Hawaiian Pacific Radio ?
    After ten very successful years in Lahaina, Hawai'i on the island of Maui, the pandemic of 2020 created the need to relocate to a larger geographic location such as Phoenix, Arizona. Because of local business failures and closings Hawaiian Pacific Radio could not financially continue to operate in an island environment, realizing it would take some time for businesses to again flourish and provide for their communities.

  • What kind of music does Classic Hits KOGY 95.2 play?
    Classic Hits KOGY 95.2 plays a unique blend of the Pop/Soul hits of the 60's, 70's and 80's. You will also hear the Greatest Hits of all time with Classic Rock, Motown Soul and the British Invasion, along with a flashback to memorable and forgotten hits of the past.

  • How do I hear your music when Phoenix, Arizona is so far away?
    Classic Hits KOGY 95.2 has a Digital Internet service that broadcasts and streams music around the world on Live365 network radio servers. If you have an Internet connection, computer, Internet desk radio, smart phone, tablet or any electronic means to receive streaming music, then you have the capability to hear our music. OR simply go to our Home page of this website and click on the "LISTEN NOW", download our phone app or the Tunein app by clicking on the icon.

  • Does Classic Hits KOGY 95.2 have special features?
    Classic Hits KOGY 95.2 has special features in addition to our regular music programming. We provide Air Talent Personalities and world acclaimed syndicated programming from some of the greatest radio presenters around the world. Some special programming such as Greatest Hits USA, Christian Music Rewind, Takin' You Back with Kurt David, A Date with Diane, Back to the 70's with Kevin Larkin, Motown Memories with Tom Fallon, What's Your Twenty, Memory Lane and Storm Watch with Tony Hall, along with many more heard throughout the week. Refer to our schedule for programs and times. In addition listen for "Double Shots." This is a song by the original artist that is repeated by a different artist.

  • Does Classic Hits KOGY 95.2 have contests?
    Classic Hits KOGY 95.2 has contests throughout the month whereas one may call or e-mail to win prizes such as T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Tote Bags, CD's and much more. Listen to win!! Our Music Contest line is (305)320-3566. Listen for the "Winning is Now" promo and call.

  • Does Classic Hits KOGY 95.2 support any organizations?
    Being Updated

  • Does Classic Hits KOGY 92.5 take music requests?
    We indeed do!! Because we broadcast around the world and enter many time zones, the best means of requesting a song is by e-mail. Please include where your located such as country, state, etc. and when you will be listening. Music Requests also helps us to know what music artists and groups our listeners want to hear. We also have a Song Request Form on our website.

  • How does one advertise on Classic Hits KOGY 95.2?
    Contact KOGY 95 Radio and we can customize a commercial advertising package for you at a much lesser expense than you are advertising with your current company or commercial radio station. We are heard around the world and your commercial advertising can have male or female voices in different languages, special effects and assistance in composing a script. See our Advertising Page on the website for more information.

  • How can I support Classic Hits KOGY 95.2?
    First BE A LISTENER and tune in! You can also contact us and submit a donation. You place what amount of contribution to make from $1.00 to any amount to help our costs to continue providing a listening experience. As a special "Thank You" to our donations, any contribution at or over $30.00 will allow you to receive a Classic Hits KOGY 95.2 logo T-Shirt. Your donations help us to offset licensing fees and operational costs. Thank you for your support!

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